Installing an EV Charging Station

June 15th, 2022 by

EV Charging station

If you’re like a lot of people these days, you’re seriously thinking about buying an electric car to deal with these ridiculous gas prices. While an EV model means never having to stop to fill up again, you will have to keep its battery charged.

Here’s what to know about installing an EV charging station.

The Most Basic Charging Station

The first thing to know is that right at this moment, you have something to charge your car: a regular 120-volt outlet. Just plugging your vehicle into any outlet in your house will get the battery charged. This way does take a while, however, as at most you will probably only get five miles of driving range added per hour.

The Smarter Solution

A regular outlet constitutes Level 1 charging. To get your battery juiced up a lot faster, the smart move is to use Level 2 charging. This involves utilizing a 240-volt outlet, and this will charge up your battery in around 10-12 hours.

Installing a Level 2 Charging Station

There are two main options when putting in a Level 2 charging station. First, you can have an outlet installed that will support 240 volts and put it in your garage or another place easily accessible.

The other thing you can do is connect a charging station directly to your home’s circuit. This is the more complicated route to take. Both of these require wiring know-how, so if you don’t have it, an installation is best let to pros.

Now that you know how to keep an electric car charged, it’s time to find the right model. Visit Carlen Motors near Carthage to check out our EV inventory.

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